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Photo Credit: Bruker.ocm

Ecology and Economy

3G Sri Lanka Planting


As a follow up of the seminar on "Sustainable Living, the way forward for Earth's sake, Faseeha Harthim and Shakira Asrabeen have started an online planting challenge.


Faseeha Harthim, Vice President, 3G Sri Lanka starts the challenge.

John B. Parisutham, Founder 3G, takes up the challenge.


Vermi-compost making

2012-2014, Alor Setar, Keday, Malaysia

Members of 3G Albukhary International University involved in collecting the bio waste of university campus to turn into vermi-compost to use in the model kitchen garden that they designed.


Semilae Seashore Project

November 2018, Pattani, Thailand

3G Thailand and Department of Youth Welfare, Government of Thailand, Pattani division organised a clean seashore project. High school students participated in the event and cleaned the Teluk Semilae seashore.


John Papa, founder 3G, joined with Mr.Ibrahim Waehajee, member 3G Thailand and other students in the project.


There was a motivation session before actual cleaning of the seashore. The issue of climate change was discussed and the importance of bio-diversity was explained.