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Aid for Single Mothers

Tania Allan (28) lives in Mangaliliu, North Efate, Vanuatu with her daughter Adimaiwai Allan (2) and her son Christopher Allan (10 months) finding difficult to make both ends meet.

She is one among many single mothers in Vanuatu, a country of 83 islands with 6 provinces.

Why help single mothers in Vanuatu?
When a family loses its father for many obvious reasons, the mother has to take up the work of breadwinner, if she has not yet been working. If she is already working, parenting becomes harder. They lose their leisure time, while they fight to balance work and parenting. Providing food, medicine, safety, schooling and such for her children become a grave challenge. Single mothers often emotionally down, feeling guilty of their contribution towards their kids while her extended families, colleagues or the community look down on them.

There is no one to share good and bad experiences. She can not employ a babysitter, due to her economical constraints. The sense of loneliness brings her depression. The financial constraints bring her worry and sickness. It is worse when she loses her job.

In this situation, she does not get time for self care. It drains them emotionally, cognitively, and psychologically. It is one of the rising concerns in Vanuatu and 3G Vanuatu has committed to face the reality and help these single mothers.

What help would 3G plan to give to these single mothers?
Global Giving Group prioritise its help. First and foremost the children have to be fed and taken care of with decent food, clothing, medicine, schooling and safety. Second the single mothers have to come as a group and get a sense of togetherness. It will be a support group. Thirdly, if possible, single mothers could be helped with economical assistance to start a small business.

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