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3G Thailand

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3G Inauguration

27.10.2018, Pattani, Thailand

Mr. Lukman of Pattani, Thailand organised 3G Thailand inauguration. John Britto Parisutham, founder/Chairman cum Secretary of 3G headquarters and Arul Jenet, Treasurer of 3G headquarters attended the inauguration. Ms. Mageswari, executive member of 3G Malaysia helped in the organisation of the event. Dr. Vinothini Vasodevan, President of 3G International Executive Team facilitated the process. 18 members participated in the event.


Children Tuition Centre

Children and Nature Project

28.10.2018, Pattani, Thailand

Ms. Tuan Arinah, Vice-President, 3G Thailand took us to a poor children tuition centre in a village near pattani. 3G International sponsored their picnic to Nam Tok Soi Khao National Park, Pattani. 

Children were fed and their travel was taken care of by 3G.Children played in the beautiful cool stream, which ran amidst green forest and singing birds. The committed teachers organised a few games to entertain the children. 

Papa John, founder 3G and Arul Jenet, Treasurer 3G participated in the event.